Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fabric Uses

Fabrics of all kinds can be used for than making skirts, blouses and slacks. Some of the ways I have found for fabric uses are things you may wish to try sometime. Cloth is being made with all kinds of images printed on it now. Even our favorite old storybook and recent movie characters are appearing on fabric. Decorating bedrooms with the newest character-themed fabric has become something that is a yearly project for a lot of Moms that sew.

Lamp shades, pillows and vanity chair seats are some items that can be covered with fabric to brighten a bed room. Even if you can't afford to purchase a new bed comforter, an inexpensive pair of curtains can be made with nice material from discount stores. Cover a binder with cloth to make a new family photo album. The small items you can change will make a big difference in a room.

Try wrapping seasonal gifts with scraps of fabric to give the quilters you know. I can promise that those small pieces will probably end up in one of their beautiful projects in the future. Don't throw out clothing which has stains that won't come out. Save the buttons and parts of the garment that are not stained for future projects. Or use the old garments for dusting cloths that you can then dispose of. Some gently used bed sheets can be cut into strips and crocheted into plant hangers, or crocheted baskets. Walk through your home and look for ways that you could use fabric to change things around a bit.

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