Friday, July 6, 2007

Games Played on the Kitchen Table

The kitchen table makes a wonderful place for families and friends to gather for playing board games, cards, etc. The games can be played with only a small group, or you may want to invite a larger number of people. Tablecloths may become a bother, so clear the table of items that might get in the way such as salt and pepper shakers, ashtrays, drinking glasses or bowls of food. It's better to take a snack break than to have drinks or food getting on cards or game boards. The break will also give the participants a chance to socialize.

Choosing a theme makes the time spent together more interesting. There are now many inexpensive stores that carry party theme lines of merchandise. Once you have settled on a theme, you might want to send invitations and make it a special event. You can use your computer to make the invitations, make your own, or use ones purchased at the store. Making your own cards ahead of time could be a good family activity in and of itself.

There are many card games that do not require a lot of planning. Keep a couple decks of cards handy in a kitchen drawer. Pull them out when the conversation wanes and you may have everyone trying to teach everyone else a new card game in no time. Board games are very popular too. There are old ones, new ones and newer versions of the old ones. Kitchen tables are the number one place to play games and have fun!

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