Sunday, July 8, 2007

Uses for your Country Kitchen Table

I have transformed my country kitchen by way of using our table in it for many uses. Also, a large upright bookcase in the kitchen/dining area not only holds my collection of recipe books, but also many shoe boxes filled with items for the different interests I enjoy working on; such as writing, genealogy, scrap booking, etc. I have covered each box with fabric that has something on it which relates to what is tucked inside. The box I have for writing supplies has books, pens, and pencils printed on it. The box for genealogy has tiny picture frames on it. You get the idea. There is such a variety of prints these days that you can cover all of your boxes with whatever topic-printed fabric you wish. This way of labeling the boxes looks much more attractive on the shelves than a piece of paper with the content title written on it. You could also use gift wrap paper, contact paper, or paper that is printed off your computer and decoupaged on the box.
We enjoy entertaining both small and large groups in our country kitchen. Our table extends from 5-12 foot with the extra leaves we can add to it. If you don't have extra leaves to put in your table, purchase a reasonably priced piece of plywood. Place it on the top edge of one end of the table, with the other end of it resting on the top of two chair backs. Remember that you can't leave too much space between the table top and the chair backs or the plywood will sag in the middle. You could use extra chairs as reinforcement in the middle of the plywood to prevent the sagging problem. This idea also works to provide extra space needed for larger groups of guests. Just be sure to have a table cloth large enough to cover the chairs so they won't be seen. A printed king sized bed sheet would work nicely in that case. Place the table and one of the chairs pushed up against a wall, and you won't have to let the cloth overlap but a small distance over the back side of the table.
By lengthening or shortening your table, you can use it for many types of entertaining, or for working on those favorite projects you enjoy spending time doing.

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