Sunday, July 1, 2007

Writing Poetry

I enjoy writing poetry while sitting at the table in our kitchen. Our double wide windows give a clear view of the feeders we have for our country critters that are consantly eating, and of the 15 x 15 foot garden we made last summer. The view lends itself to much inspiration in my writing. The antics of the birds is quite comical, and there have been times when a rousing fight ensues over territorial right to the food. There have been other times when a mother or father bird feeds their young on one of the first outings the small bird takes from the nest. The new fledgeling sometimes flutters its wings to have the parent respond by giving food.

We also have a hummingbird feeder attached to our window outside by a suction cup. I'll never forget the excitement in my husband's voice when a hummer came to feed less than two inches from his face. Talk about up close! These times have been an inspiration to my writing poetry on many occassions.

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