Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Miniature Flower Vases

I sometimes enter flower contests in our local county fair, and one of my favorite categories is the miniature flower arrangements. I enjoy cultivating the tiny plants, and I am intrigued by the miniature flower vases that I display them in. Each time I visit consignment and thrift stores, or yard sales, I look for items that I can use to show the blossoms in.

Some of the neatest items I've used for my flowers are salt and pepper shakers, tiny pitchers and toothpick holders. They come in such a wide variety of shapes, and are made in a rainbow of colors. Some unique salt and pepper shakers are faceted, some are in the shapes of animals and other configurations, and others are made with plain, simple lines. I prefer the shorter ones over those that are tall, because the shorter ones keep the eye nearer the flower. The judges seem to like that variety more than the taller versions.

Another pretty container for your smallest flowers are miniature pitchers that are usually found with tiny tea sets. I have a collection of these; with many of them having come from my mother's what-not shelves that I had gleaned over all through my childhood. They also come in a huge array of shapes, sizes and colors. The cream or white versions, with tiny blooms painted on them in matching colors to my show flowers, seem to have been most coveted by the judges who handed out ribbons.

Small toothpick holders that have fluted tops can be used to display the dainty little posies too. They also come in various, shapes, sizes and colors. Everyone has one or two of these sitting on their kitchen counter top, or on a shelf. Whichever type of vase you prefer to use, try your hand at entering the miniature flower category in your local fair next year. You may win first place!

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