Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am a firm believer in recycling anything I can to keep it from being put in the garbage any sooner than it has to be. Recycling helps us keep our environment safe and clean. Use tin cans for pencil holders or other uses by filing the sharp edges off. Glue used or unused pencils, or other things, around a can to hold all those other pens and pencils you have laying around the house. We all get cards from people during the year. Glue them onto tin cans of different sizes to make other desk accessory holders for scissors, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. Make several of them with children to give as gifts to parents or grandparents.

Cut the bottoms off of water and soft drink bottles and use as funnels for different things both in the garage and around the house. Use them to put oil or water in the car. Keep water off the leaves of house plants by using one of your homemade funnels.

Reuse cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rings as gift boxes to hold items you give to others. Cover them with used gift wrap or pieces of fabric from that recycled shirt you threw away last week (don't forget to save those shirt buttons for a craft project later). Tuck in a gift that will fit inside the roll. Now cover the whole roll with the mesh bag material you saved from oranges or potatoes bought from the grocery. Tie both ends in a bow with the cut up strings you saved from your worn out tennis shoes.

All of us can think of ways to keep garbage out of the bag. Before you throw anything out, think of how it can be recycled again to keep the ground water safer, and help protect our environment!

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