Sunday, July 1, 2007


Clocks can decorate a room, and play a functional part in them as well. The many materials used in making clocks today can make them fit in almost anywhere. Ones with large faces and numbers can easily be seen by older people who have waning eyesight. Some have special lighting features which make them attractive at night, and some play a variety of songs for added enjoyment. The space you want a clock in sometimes dictates what size you need; but when space is not a factor, the range is endless. There are some very interesting grandfather clocks being made today that include all kinds of lighting features, chimes, and musical songs. Some have multiple dividing parts of the face that then divide again to unvail whole scenes which move around behind them. The oldest grandfather clocks may be very expensive, whereas the newer versions can be much less so. You can find many varities of clocks in stores, but the most enjoyable places to find some are thrift stores, consignment shops and flea markets. Don't overlook some of the best deals around in newspaper classifieds. Some of the neatest varities I've seen are in specialty stores. There is an Amish furniture store in our community that has a great clock that I have on Santa's list for this year!

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