Monday, July 16, 2007

Glassware Decorations

Using favorite pieces of your glassware collection can be fun to decorate with. Using your own glassware decorations can also reduce the cost of decorating for many party occasions. Gather small items from your backyard like pine cones or dried seed pods from your plants. Put them inside a large glass, a pitcher, or a punch bowl with a small set of Christmas lights. Allow room for the plug of the cord to hang out of the glassware. Use an extension cord, or place the glassware near enough to an electric socket to be plugged into it.

Floating candles lit in a punch bowl, or large salad bowl, with either clear or colored water in them make a beautiful decoration for a centerpiece. Use five or more different kinds of glasses, filled with water at alternating levels, to put lit floating candles in too. Set several pieces of the same item from one of your other collections on a mirror; then place it in the middle of the table for a eye catching decoration. The mirror will reflect lighting in the room and add interest to your table as well.

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