Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cookie Jars

Cookie jars are not just to hold your favorite kind of cookie to eat! They can be great decorative items for your kitchen or any other room you would like to show off a collection of them in. They could be placed on a long shelf above your kitchen window, or on a buffet table top. They can hold those delicious cookies you love to enjoy, and they can also be used as extra storage space for those little items that you can never seem to find jumbled up in a kitchen drawer. Recipes could be tucked into them if you have no place for a cookbook collection. Use them to hide valuables in, such as jewelry, on a top shelf. Use a plain or fancy one for a centerpiece in the middle of your holiday table with greenery around it to dress it up a bit too. Cookie jars are one of those treasured items that are sometimes handed down from older family members. Before you throw out the "old" cookie jar that sat in the corner of Aunt Sue's kitchen counter since you were a kid, have it appraised by a professional antique dealer. It may astound you to find out that it could be valued at several hundred dollars. Some of the ugliest pieces in the homes of relatives that have passed away can be the most valuable pieces of art you ever thought possible.

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