Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scrap Booking

Our whole family enjoys working on scrap books by spreading all the materials needed out on our country kitchen table. The kitchen is the favorite gathering place in our home, and we use it for all kinds of projects. Getting pictures cropped for scrap books is something everyone in the family can have a turn at. Some people like traditional squared off corners on their pictures, but some like to use jar lids and various sizes of glasses and bowls to make circular pictures for their albums. Finding all sorts of shapes for scrap booking use in your cabinets and drawers can be a fun scavenger hunt game to get everyone involved in this family-time project. You could also have each family member find items in their rooms to use as templates to cut out pictures in odd shapes to make albums interesting to look at. Give a prize for most unusual items found, smallest item, largest item, etc. If some members of the family are too small for these games; then work in pairs or teams.
Many scrap booking scissors, papers, albums and other items needed, can now be found in stores selling items for incredibly low prices. There are also many web sites you can refer to by using key words for scrap booking. Scrap booking stores have also sprung up in larger towns since this way of preserving family has become a lucrative business.
Don't overlook the drawing talent some members of your family may have. Even the smallest children enjoy drawing stick people. Get them to replicate a family picture. Then display their drawing beside the original in your album. There are no rights and wrongs in displaying pictures in your albums---it is YOURS! Make homemade pop-up pages using some photos. Find how-to books for numerous topics in your local library. The library is a place many people fail to use, and it can save you hundreds of dollars when you check the books out for a certain time period to get what you need out of them, instead of having to purchase the books and then have needlessly taking up shelf space. If you find a book that you think you might like to have as a reference source for later, then purchase it at a book store.

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