Thursday, July 12, 2007


I enjoy making my own stationary to use for many purposes. Some stationary can be used for writing letters, making small posters, or for invitations. A variety of means can be used to bring attention to your paper when displayed among other people's work. Florescent colors are a real stand-out, but sometimes you can simply use white paper with a small clip art design in an upper corner to bring attention to a poster. The use of large, bold lettering for the heading of your text is an eye catcher, or use lettering in your favorite color to bring people's attention to a poster too. Find a different font for the lettering on your poster, but do not use too many different fonts on the same poster or invitation. Remember to use the old rule of who, what, when, where and, sometimes how, when making posters or invitations!

Draw a small picture of your own (a picture of your pet, house, a landscape, etc.) in one upper corner of the stationary. This makes your stationary truly one of a kind. Reduce the size of one of your child's drawings to set in the corner of a piece of stationary used to write to your parents or other family members. If you have taken a particularly interesting snapshot, use decorative scissors to cut out the subject in the picture and set it in the corner of a sheet of paper. Copy it; then reduce the size of the picture, and put it in the upper left corner of an envelope. Run copies on other envelopes, and you will have a set of stationary to use yourself, or give as special gifts to friends and relatives.

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