Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Television Rules

The family television viewing is almost a thing of the past. Most homes have a television in nearly every room. Television rules need to be made for many reasons. If small children have a television in their room, there needs to be a rule on which shows they can watch, and what time the TV goes off at night. Many television sets now have parental controls built into them which allows some control for the parents.

For older children, the times and variety of shows may be more relaxed, but they still need their sleep too. Adults often find that when they view shows with many food commercials, they make trips to the kitchen even when they are not really hungry. Make it a rule not drink anything after 9 PM. All of those commercials with refreshing drinks can cause you to make many trips to the bathroom during the night.

Many people prefer to read instead of watching TV before going to sleep. Reading can put you in a more relaxed state, and set you up for a good night of rest, and it does not include commercials!

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