Friday, July 20, 2007

Refrigerator Magnets

One of the most interesting spots in most homes to look at is the refrigerator. Many of these appliances hold refrigerator magnets, souvenirs from special places the family has visited; and it is the honorary spot for a child's latest art work. The magnets are usually used to attach the post cards and art work at hand. Some of these magnets can become valuable over time. If you come across a collection of them at flea markets or thrift stores, you might be surprised at the price tag value some of them hold.

When you have too many on the appliance, don't throw them out. Use them to make an art deco piece by gluing some of them around kitchen bulletin boards, or make a collage wall hanging to put on a wall near the refrigerator where the other magnets are displayed. Some of them can be used in memory games if you have more than one of each kind. Have children pair them up after turning them over to find a match. Cut small pictures or words off some of them to use in a scrapbook project.

Some of them even have attractive borders around them that you can cut inside of to use as a picture frame. Use the bordered frame to display a child's yearly school photo. If a relative gives you one with their picture on it, ask them for another one. Cut the picture out of the two magnets, and glue a long, looped hanger thread between the pictures. Tie a red or green bow at the spot where the looped thread comes out of the top of the picture, and hang it on your Christmas tree as a special ornament.

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