Monday, July 9, 2007

Card Files

Card files are useful ways to keep and reference information. We spend much time and energy looking for items we need each day. These file systems come in all varieties. Some people like to use recipe card boxes, some use file cards on wheels that flip cards to view them easily, and still others prefer to use simple shoe boxes. Whatever the method you use, you will benefit from them. Cooks like to use the small to large sized card boxes to keep their recipes handy in the kitchen. They may have divider cards with different catagories of foods listed on them. Don't forget to make up a catagory file of where to find all those utensils and special dishes that you don't use very often and get put in a cabinet under the sink, or in the bottom of the china cabinet. Address/phone files usually get used each day. Use them for Christmas card lists, birthdays, business or just keeping in touch. I usually try to check that all the information on my file cards is correct and updated whenever I get a card or letter from someone, or when they include names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. in their correspondance. Use a file system in the garage to find tools and items not used very often for gardening or working on your automobile. Use a card system in the craft room with each hobby listed as a catagory. Then put the items needed and where they are found on file cards in each catagory. Use a file card system for your clothing or jewelry in the bedroom. Be sure to pull cards from all of your file systems when an item is discarded. On the back of each card you may want to list things such as purchase dates, colors, uses for the item, etc. Don't forget to attach receipts to the backs of cards for items you buy which may need to be replaced under warranties. We never seem to be able to find these when we need them. Whatever card system you choose, don't forget to keep it updated. And card systems do no good unless you do as my mother used to tell me over and over: There's a place for everything, and everything should be in its place!

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