Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cookbooks with Covers

Many of my cookbooks are from yard sales, thrift shops, or have been handed down through family and friends. The covers on some of them are worn and tattered from being used many times. It struck me one day to cover them with paper to match the theme of the cookbook. It makes me feel good to gaze at the shelves in my kitchen and see the old cookbooks looking like new again; and now wrapped in a variety of colorful materials. The cookbooks may need to be recovered from use over the years, but they will be lovingly cared for as they are handed down from one generation to the next. One of the more favorite copies has a pocket inside the front cover with instructions on how to make new coverlets for them as the occassion may arise in the future. Many of the books have hand written inscriptions written in them near a recipe. Or, a family member may have written a "secret ingredient" used to inhance the flavor of a dish. These would be great to duplicate on a copier and use on a scrapbook page in your family albums with pictures of a family holiday meal shared together. The well maintained recipe books will help generations hold dear the favorite foods of the family and the times they shared over mealtimes!

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