Sunday, July 15, 2007


Sometimes a desk can be used for other purposes besides a convenient place to write out bills for the month. They make a handy place to serve one or two extra guests in a pinch. And they can be a child's 'special place' at the home of Grandma or a babysitter. The desk can provide room for writing, drawing, reading, coloring, etc. If you are fortunate, you may have the space in your kitchen to sit a cooking desk. It could be used to keep file folders in a drawer with the title of each recipe catagory on them. Another file could hold handy pages with information such as pie charts, temperature charts and ingredient exchanges. You may have space in another drawer for your recipe cards and labels too. Another drawer might be a useful place to put cooking helpers in, like small funnels, cake testers and icing spreaders. Some desks have cubby hole slots toward the back of them. Keep small food scales, stacked measuring cups and similar items used for cooking in them. You can use your own imagination for the varieties of uses for that extra desk you were about to get rid of because of its lack of use.

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