Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thanksgiving: Pin the Tail On Tom Turkey

Draw a coloring picture of a Thanksgiving Tom Turkey, and have your child color it. Cut the whole turkey off of the coloring sheet. Then cut the tail feather portion of the turkey off, and glue only the turkey's body portion to a colored sheet of construction paper. Next, glue the tail feather portion to another piece of construction paper or card stock. You may want to duplicate several of the tail feather portions if more than one child will be playing the game (please do not abuse copyrights of printed coloring sheets).

Now for the fun part! Place the sheet with the turkey's body on a flat wall where the child can reach it easily. Blindfold the child and stand them in front of the picture. See how close the child can get to placing the tail feathers in the correct spot on Tom Turkey.

This game works well with all seasonal characters such as snowmen (using the hat), St. Patrick's Day (using a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow), Cupid's valentine heart (using an arrow, etc. This game works well for one, or a whole group of people for fellowship meetings. Laminate all of the game pieces so they can be used from year-to-year.