Tuesday, August 7, 2007


In raising a family, sometimes you must take a secular job. And sometimes the circumstances surrounding a job are not the best every single day of that experience. There are people in the world who really enjoy carrying tales about others, or don't have a clue that what they are saying can hurt others deeply. I have never found gossip to be on any job description list, and nothing can do as much damage in a workplace.

I remember something that a friend of mine said in a conversation with a group once. The group had been discussing what to do when you are approached by someone who has been tagged as a gossip. A long-time friend in our presence told us to simply remember this statement, " Put an arm around my shoulder and a hand over my mouth." I remembered that wise instruction, when on the first day of a new work situation, someone approached me with the helpful news of what to watch out for in every other person in our department. Before they went very far into the conversation, I politely reminded them that I always try to do exactly as my supervisor has instructed me to do, and have made it a habit to allow everyone else to be responsible for their own actions. I then politely excused myself, and returned to my work.

I do not worry as much as I used to about situations like this. I have found that the quicker I excuse myself from conversations such as this, the more friends I have. Listening to the person who likes this activity, makes you a part of the activity itself. It takes two to gossip! Not giving them a listening ear, ends the tale.

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