Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stamp Collecting

Many people like to write and receive mail from family, friends and others. Stamp collecting has become an amazing hobby for many of those same people. I like to get unusual stamps from other countries, and at the same time send some of our unusual stamps to those I know who live overseas. Postal stamps come in every type imaginable. The U. S. Post Office releases many different kinds of stamps each year. Among collectors, the first date of issue stamps in blocks are the most popular. I enjoy collecting all kinds of stamps that people send to me, and they do not have to be of value for me to like them. My personal favorites are the floral and bird stamps.
Stamp collection is a great hobby to get children into. Having them correspond with others is a wonderful way for them to expand their language skills, and by writing to people in other countries, they will also expand their knowledge of the whole world they live in. That's not a bad idea for all of us to do!

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