Friday, August 24, 2007


Doorstops can be made of any type materials that are heavy enough to hold a door open. Some
doorstops can be made by covering bricks, or by filling objects with sand or other materials that will give weight to the item. The bricks can be painted to resemble a row of houses, or they can be painted with a family name on them, or simply a residential house number. Let your imagination go when it comes to items you can paint on doorstops.
There are many sizes and shapes of landscape bricks available now that will allow a beginning painter to look like a pro when designing these useful items for the home. Some are in shapes resembling snowmen or lady bugs turned on their sides. Check out the wide varieties of bricks in the home and garden department of chain discount stores.
Some people get as much as $20.00 or more for the doorstops. They are a perfect fund raising project for clubs attended by children or adults alike.

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