Friday, August 17, 2007


Last night I attended a meeting that had several things going on at the same time. Our meetings can become hectic if not planned well. Remind everyone to have their cell phones on vibrate, or turned off during the meeting so no one near them will be disturbed. Always have an agenda, and stick to it as closely as possible. Handing out a copy of the agenda to all persons at the meeting will remind them to stay on track and not add new topics during the meeting. Mark a spot near the end of the agenda for a time of open questions or comments. Those attending will know they can have a chance to bring something up at the end of the business portion of the meeting. Let people know ahead of time if you will be needing them to take part in the meeting. People will respond better when they are prepared too.
Have everything in place to be used before the meeting begins. This saves time and will keep everyone focused on the business at hand. Again, appoint someone ahead of time if things must be handed out during a meeting. If refreshments are to be served, allow a time for them after the meeting is over. Having someone spill something, and taking the attention away from those speaking, is very distracting. Try to end meetings on a positive note, or with humor if need be; especially those meetings that have been difficult. Remember to adjourn the meeting before refreshments are served, and remind participants to turn in anything they need to before leaving.

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