Friday, August 3, 2007

Time Management

I only work part-time, but I always have been very good with my time management skills. I have learned to crochet granny afghans for hours, and never look down at it until I come to a corner where the stitches must be divided equally. I keep extra paper and pens in my purse at all times to make grocery lists, jot down names of people with upcoming birthdays to send cards to, or just to write down a title or idea for a blog.

There is a good sized plastic tub in the trunk of my car that has everything I need (and more) in case I get stranded while on the road. I've been known to get into that well supplied tub and come up with all the items needed to clean my car windows off while waiting for the kids to leave from ball, or band practice. My husband tells everyone that the only time he sees me still is when I'm asleep. A friend came to help me get ready for a party a week ago. In the middle of the day, she told me to sit down and rest a little. I kept jumping up to do tasks that I would think of. She got tickled at me, and started timing how long it was from the time I sat down, until I jumped up again to do a chore. I knew I was really bad when she had done it a few times in a row, and couldn't time me past one minute and thirty-two seconds before I was up and running again.

After listening to many within my circle of friends tell me that I don't know how to relax;I have come up with a new thing to do for time management. SIT STILL!

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