Thursday, August 2, 2007

Punch Bowls

Punch Bowls can be used for many things besides serving punch in them. You may use punch bowls to serve foods such as fruit salad or potato salad in when you are hosting a buffet for larger organizational meetings. There are also recipes that call for the use of large bowls to hold several cakes, which have been pulled apart, and mixed with other ingredients, that a punch bowl would be adequate for.

The larger bowls make a nice display centerpiece when used with lit floating candles on a buffet table. Weave a small set of clear or colored lights into greenery around the base of a punch bowl to add a reflective aura to your festive table.

Use a decorative punch bowl to display a cherished collection of ornaments in. You can use fresh-picked pine cones with red bows sprinkled among them in one of the large bowls. Setting it on a side table near your guests at Christmas will add to the holiday mood at a party.

Punch bowls come in all types of decorative styles. Some have pedestals, and others have glass spoons which add an elegant touch to them. I have a set which is designed so the glass cups hang on the rim of the bowl itself. A beautifully decorative punch bowl sitting on a buffet is a centerpiece in and of itself.

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