Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family Gatherings

Annual reunions are special times for everyone. For some, family gatherings are the only time each year that we get to visit. The cameras and favorite recipes come out to help make the day a time to remember for the rest of the year. Stories and remembrances are shared with friends and family. Scrapbooks appear for everyone to look through. The food tables are usually packed to the corners with the most delicious food known to man. Our reunions always include an afternoon of special music performed by family and friends too.
Everyone goes home at the end of the long day with rolls of film to be developed or downloaded, empty bowls, and full hearts. Our family tree, made of a large piece of white paper, comes out each year so we all can add our new members to the branches. It gets rolled up at the end of the day on a heavy (linoleum) cardboard roller. These are some of the best family times we are still free to have. If your family has not had a reunion in a long time, grab the address book and telephone, sit down through an afternoon and plan one with your relatives. All it takes is a couple of people to get the process started. Once the idea is shared with a few other family members, it's a sure thing that everyone else will get excited about the idea.

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