Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gift Wrap

There are many ways to cover gifts . The gift wrap used can add a festive mood, or it can be very simple in its nature. Giving a present covered with fabric that has buttons, packages of needles, and other sewing items attached to the outside, makes a uniquely wrapped gift given to a seamstress. A gift to your newspaper editor engulfed in comic strips, a package covered in maps for the service station attendant, or construction paper or unused tablet paper for that favorite grade school teacher, are other ways to hide the gift you want to give some of the people on your holiday list.

Make your own gift wrap by using several thicknesses of tissue paper and decorating the outside of the package with rubber stamps, or stickers that we all seem to get an abundance of in the mail these days. On the outside of a gift for the postman, use oodles of address labels that are sent to us by organizations we belong to. There will be no doubt who, and where, that package came from!

There are so many things to use for gift wrap today, that the cost can be almost nil. You could enclose small items such as bookmarks to your librarian tucked inside of a book you think they would enjoy reading, or give the local grocer a tie rolled up inside an empty, clean, green bean can. Whatever the gift, there are many ways to wrap it for giving to the people you know.

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