Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drink Cozies

Need a cozy to protect your table tops? You probably have a few in a drawer and didn't realize it! Greeting cards make functional drink cozies, de-clutter your drawers, and give you another chance to enjoy that cute card that Aunt Sue sent you last year. Save all of the cards people send to you, cut a circle out of a pretty part of them (inside or outside), and use them for hot or cold beverages.

Cover the sides of a whipped topping bowl with greeting card pieces you have cut out. Use the pretty front of a large card to glue on top of the bowl lid. After cutting out your cozies, tuck them inside the decorated bowl to keep them handy. You can also sell these at craft bazaars for a couple of dollars, as a recycle idea for scout groups or other organizations. Everyone gets cards throughout the year. Ask people in the clubs you are a member of to save all the cards they don't want to keep, and bring them to a meeting for you.

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