Friday, October 19, 2007

Clothespin People

This craft is handy to use when small people are needed for projects. Felt or fabric can be used for clothing, and bread twist ties are useful to make arms with. Flesh colored felt can be cut out for hand shapes. The clothespins can be painted at the bottom for shoes. You can paint faces on the front tops of the wooden pin, and glue on craft hair, and add hats if you like. Set the people in a small ball of clay, or you can buy stands for the clothespin dolls at craft stores.

We have used these people pins for making ethnic world displays. They can be changed easily, and they also make cute decorative pins to wear on clothing. The pins sell very quickly at bazaars when made up in school team colors too.

Make a few of them with children in an afternoon, and add some decorated box houses, to complete a play family set. Children enjoy making their own toys, and will be more likely to take care of something they made themselves.

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