Friday, October 12, 2007

Christmas Ornament Wreath

There are many wonderful decorations used at Christmas time, and this ornament wreath is easy to make, and beautiful to display. You will need an assortment of round ornament balls of the same, or different colors. Cut a circle template out of cardboard as big as the size of the round wreath you want to make. You will not be gluing the ornaments to the cardboard, but only to each other.

Lay the cardboard template on a large table covered with newsprint or an old tablecloth to protect the table top from the hot glue you will be using. Start with the large Christmas balls first, and hot glue them together side by side using the template as a guide, until you have a complete circle. Now you can glue the other sized ornaments onto the wreath in all directions, adding as many as you like for fullness. You can even use sprigs of real holly and pine if the wreath is only going to be used for the current year, but keep in mind that fresh holly and pine will become brittle and crumble easily, and it will turn brown over time. Artificial holly or pine may be a better choice to use.

Bows can be used if you want to add more color to the wreath. The bows can be tied around the balls and changed when ever you wish to change the looks of the wreath, or they can be glued on. You may want to have only one large accent bow attached at the top of the wreath, leaving a wire on the back to hang the decoration with. It is best to store this wreath in a box after each season to avoid breakage .

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