Sunday, October 7, 2007

Painting and Preserving Ceramics

We all have seen ceramic pieces that have been created professionally, but those we've made ourselves are special pieces in our homes. You can purchase green ware that has not been fired at most ceramic shops. However, these pieces are very delicate and may break easily. They also must go through firing in a kiln to preserve them. Classes are given at these shops to instruct you of how to make, paint and preserve ceramics.

Small ceramic pieces are now sold in discount outlet stores that can be painted and preserved. Some are small statues or ornaments for almost any holiday throughout the year. They have already been fired in a kiln. Acrylic paints work very well on these pieces, and there is also a medium in the same stores which comes in a spray can or paint-on medium to preserve the finish of ceramics.

You can buy molds and bags of plaster to form your own ceramics, but it is time consuming, and you must mix the ingredients correctly. Buying the ready made pieces is less expensive if you are looking for inexpensive homemade gifts to give. These pieces also come in signs, plaques and an array of other things to put in your home.

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