Monday, October 8, 2007

Brushes For Household Cleaning

All households must be cleaned and maintained frequently to aid in the health of our families. Many types of brushes can be used for various jobs, and it is best to have a regular routine for sanitizing each room in our homes. Brushes make ideal cleaning tools for many jobs.

Many brushes are used for specific areas, such as toilet bowl, and drinking glass brushes. Some brushes can be used for multiple uses, or recycled from one use to another. When a toothbrush is ready to be replaced, use the old one to clean around sink facings, or for cleaning porous textured items such as the outside of suitcases. Cosmetic brushes are useful for dusting computer keyboards and small intricate areas that are delicate such as ceramic figurines. Bottle brushes can also be used to clean automobile tires in between the treads, and the bottoms of shoes where mud has accumulated. Fingernail brushes are also useful to clean around sink fixtures in the kitchen and bath rooms.

Be sure to wash all of the brushes with hot soapy water after each use to sanitize them. If possible, stand or hang them with the handle end up to allow the bristles to dry thoroughly.

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