Saturday, October 13, 2007

Noah's Ark Trunk or Treat

If you are looking for ideas for Halloween Trunk or Treat, try decorating your vehicle to look like Noah's Ark and fill the inside, around costumed Noah, with all of those stuffed animals your children have collected over the years. Draw an Ark on a large roll of brown mailing paper, and tape it to the outside of the vehicle on one side. You could stuff the back window full of stuffed animals too, to prove the Ark could hold ALL of those little critters that were created! Roll down one of the backseat windows (have that window drawn on the Ark at just the right place), and let Noah hand out the candy from there all night.

Alright, if you really want to be cramped up in the trunk all night, you could draw the inside of the trunk to look like an Ark. If you live in the country, stuff all those animals around Noah, and have him hand out the candy from a feed sack bag in his lap all night. This kind of sack works really well in the country because all of those farm children have seen a lot of feed sacks over the year's, and of course they know that Noah had to have a lot of feed for all those animals in the Ark!

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