Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cheap Moving Boxes

There are many ways to make a move to your new home less expensive. One of those ways is to find out where you can get free, or cheap moving boxes. Many offices go through tons of copy paper throughout the year. Ask someone to check on getting you some of these particular boxes. They usually come with lids, and they are great for putting all sorts of household items in safely.
Furniture and appliance stores will gladly give you larger boxes for bigger items to be transported in, and they have styrofoam and plastic sheets of all shapes and sizes to place in between items to prevent scratching or breakage.
When you are finished moving, save some of the copy paper boxes to store things in your attic, garage or basement. They will last for years and can be stacked to save space. Purchase some large, blank packing labels to write the contents of the boxes on for easy identification. Try to stack like boxed items together for easy access, such as Christmas decorations or craft supplies. If you have extra things you would like to sell in a future yard sale, designate some of the boxes for that purpose. And if you are short on table space for your yard sale, the boxes can be set beside each other to place sale items on.

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