Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Trunk Or Treating

Trunk or treating has become a popular thing for organizations to do at this favorite time of year! You can open up the trunk and hand candy out of a box in it; or you may want a more elaborate display. You could dress up as Dracula and make the trunk into an open coffin. Nothing would scare little kids worse than having the Count raise up with a hand full of candy to give them!

You may want to decorate the trunk as an Ark, and have many stuffed animals (two by two of course) tucked in around a very old fellow who hands out the candy all evening. You could even have homemade clouds with bolts of lightening drawn on them hanging over top of the open trunk.

Have a whole car sitting in darkness with all the windows rolled down. When kids come near the windows, stick a black, hairy arm out with gorilla gloves full of candy for the brave children who are still standing there waiting on the candy to be dropped into their bags.

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