Saturday, October 27, 2007

Santa's House Key

Santa's House Key
by Carolyn French

Dear Santa I have a gift for you,
And here is what you'll have to do.
Use this key to enter our house.
Please be as quiet as a little mouse.
My Mommy and Daddy both sleep light.
If they saw you coming it'd give them a fright.
We don't have a chimney for you to come down.
Not since we moved to a new part of town.
Just put Santa's House Key into the lock.
Give it a turn and say, "Tick tock!"
It will open the door and let you in.
You'll unload your sack and disappear with a grin.
I will jump from my bed in the morning and say,
"Santa's been here, it's Christmas Day!"

You may use this poem that I have made up today to put on a card. Please use the by name with it if you copy it to use. Punch a hole in the corner of the poem card. Attach an OLD house key (that has been painted silver or gold) with a small piece of ribbon. Hang the key on the outside of your door throughout the holiday season. It will give your guests a giggle, and keep alive the joy of Christmas for children of all ages!

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