Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finger Pin Cushion

A simple little finger pin cushion can be made with a 16 ounce soft drink cap that screws on and off the bottle. You will need about three inches of small width type elastic. Measure the elastic around the finger you want to wear the pin cushion on, cutting it to fit your finger and making sure the ends meet. Glue the elastic end to end and allow to dry. The ends of the elastic that were glued together should now be glued to the top center portion of the small soft drink lid, and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Push a cotton ball or two into the hollow part of the lid. Now cut a circle of cotton print fabric that is 1/2 inch bigger than the circumference as the lid. Center it over the cotton balls and tuck the edges down between the cotton balls and the edge of the lid all around. Put hot glue carefully down into, and around, between the fabric and the lid to adhere them together. Allow the hot glue to dry. Use the finger pin cushion to hold needles and straight pins when you are sewing small projects.

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