Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mummy Halloween Costume

Making a mummy Halloween costume is very easy. You will need about three rolls of toilet paper, and a roll of tape. Start at the legs, and work your way up to the trunk of a person's body overlapping as you unroll the paper. When you get to the trunk of the body, use a piece of very sticky tape to secure the end of the paper to a piece of the person's clothing. Follow the same instructions for both of the arms. Now, start at the lower part of the trunk and overlap the toilet paper as you work your way up, also covering the neck and head. Leave enough room for the person to see in between two spots over their eyes. Don't wrap the paper too loosely or the costume will slide down as the mummy walks around.
Keep a roll of toilet paper with you just in case an accident occurs, like the mummy coming unraveled in the middle of a party. This is a great costume for a pregnant woman to have on because she is an expectant mummy! If she already has children, wrap them as well, and let mummy pull them along behind her in a red wagon to the party, and Dad could be mummified too. A whole mummy family would never be expected to show up for a party. However, make sure children are allowed to the event ahead of time.

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