Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yard Sales

Our family likes to go to yard sales as often as we can. They are wonderful places to save a great deal of money on items we usually pay full price for at stores. Sometimes I have bought merchandise for 90 percent less than I would pay at even discount store prices. If you need anything at all, scour a few yard sales first to see if you can get what you are in need of.
Having a yard sale of your own can be very profitable also. Our family has at least one sale a year to clean out our closets of items we no longer want to keep. Whole room make-overs can be done for a reasonable cost. Sell what you don't want in a room you are redecorating, and make other yard sale purchases elsewhere to bring a new look to your room. If something is not just the right color, consider painting or staining it to match your decor. Fabrics can make a world of difference if you enjoy sewing. Change the fabric covers on bed or couch pillows to give them a new look.
Home decor trading parties are becoming popular in neighborhoods. When two or three families have yard sales together, most of the time they ending up trading the things they don't want for something their neighbor has brought to the sale. I went to a yard sale recently and discovered three piles of items behind the chairs of the three ladies having the sale. When I inquired to see if one of the treasures was already sold, all three of the ladies laughed. One of them told me they had traded for the items right out of each other's cars before they had time to get them out for the yard sale! Find bargains you have a need for at yard sales, and save a lot of money doing it, and a lot of fun too.

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