Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sharing Family Time

Sharing family time is something that doesn't happen often enough in our faster pace of living these days. At the moment, I'm sitting at my computer with one of our family members near by at their computer grooving to some tunes, and a third family member is working on the family budget at their desk. This is a room we use together almost as much as the kitchen...where some other really gooood memories are made.
We enjoy each other's company whenever we can get together. Don't think we can't interact as we all do our 'own thing' either. Why, sometimes this is the best opportunity we have to get into each others brains and pick around. One will make a comment off the top of their head out loud, and before you can say Jack Frost, the others chime in with their thoughts on the subject.
We all have a love for good music of all kinds, especially country! So it goes without saying that when our biggest music talent hits on a tune we all like, everyone else stops what they are working on, and we become the latest singing group to hit Nashville together.
Needless to say, we have a great time in this favorite room of our abode.

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