Friday, September 14, 2007

Scissor Cozy

I never can find a pair of scissors when I need them. I decided to make a scissor cozy to hang on the wall to keep a pair handy at all times. This a wonderful little project because the scissors themselves are hidden from view by others.
Lay a pair of scissors, that you want to keep in the cozy, on a doubled piece of fabric that is twice as long and wide as your scissors. Using a calico type of material will help hide any outside stitches that have to be on the viewed part of the cozy. Using a matching color of thread will help with this too. Now cut out around the scissors in a 'V' shape that is about three inches longer than the scissors and about one inch wider on the sides of the scissors.
Keeping the wrong sides of fabric together, sew around the two outer edges of the fabric using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Turn the fabric 'V' right side out. Now hem the top of the opening where you will drop the scissors into the cozy. If you would like a vintage look to the project, add some lace trim around the opening at the top of the scissor cozy. Now attach an eight inch piece of yarn or heavy string to the two top corners of the cozy to hang them on your wall. You could thread the yarn or string through the top hem before finishing it off if you would like a gathered look to the cozy. Put a large nail in the wall and attach a pretty button to the head of it with a strong glue. Now you will have a pretty place to hang your scissor cozy.
If you will be using the scissors frequently, you may want to strengthen your project by adding a felt lining to the bottom third of the cozy when putting it together to keep the pointed end of the scissors from poking through. You will need to do this before sewing the sides together. Then, using a matching thread, hem stitch the felt on the inside to the fabric with the cozy turned inside out. Doing this step will keep the scissors from going between the lining and the fabric when you drop them in. This is not a complicated sewing project, and it sure has saved me a lot of steps when I have a cozy hanging in every room where I need a pair of scissors. Like every room in the house!

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