Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pen Pals In Foreign Lands

One of the best ways to learn information about countries you would like to visit is to have pen pals in foreign lands. It is much safer to contact a trusted acquaintance or family member that lives in a particular country you have an interest in. Write down the information you would like to know about before composing your letter or e-mail. Start your letter by letting your pen pal know of some things you have an interest in. Don't allow the letters to become too long. Remember, part of the fun of pen pals is to keep the contact going back and forth between one another.
Stamps are fun to collect from the envelopes when sending letters through the mail, and swapping snap shots with each other is another great way to gain knowledge too. We all can not afford the expense of travel, so having a pen pal is the next best thing to living overseas yourself. Many people may have a pen pal in another country for decades, and then they might decide to meet them in person. If such a trip were to ever take place, you would be safer seeing the sights with someone else rather than by yourself.

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