Thursday, September 13, 2007

Canning Jar Labels

Have fun with canning your own food by making your own canning jar labels. You can buy a package of labels to use for the project at any office supply store, if you want to do the project on your computer (blank name badge sized labels are a good choice). There will be instructions of how to type information on them to use for addresses, but this is where you may have to experiment with one sheet of them. You might have to make a whole sheet with the same title, such as PEAS, or GREEN BEANS. But you can keep the extras for the next time they need to be used. Take a close-up picture of your children holding a can of peas, green beans, etc. Scan the pictures into your computer, and then use the cut and paste method to place the picture on your food labels. Viola! A one of a kind label for Grandma!
You can also make your food labels, the old fashioned way, by hand printing the information on them. This could be a project the whole family can do together. Print the name of the food item that will be in the jars. Decorate the jar labels by adding stickers that you can buy at hobby shops. Or let your own children draw pictures of what is in the jars after you print the name of the jar contents on your labels. This would also be a great surprise gift to give to all those grandmothers who would love to get these special homemade labels from their grandchildren.

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