Wednesday, September 5, 2007


There are many uses for greenery inside your home. Some of the best plants to use in your home are the Corn Plant, the Rubber Plant and the Mother-In-Law Tongue Plant. All three of these plants have some of the best abilities to take in the bad toxins in the air of your home and replace it with healthy air for you to breathe. All plants will help to a certain extent in this manner, but the prior plants mentioned are some of the best to do the job.
Artificial greenery can be used to bring the outdoors into a room. It does not require the maintenance as live plants do, but you will lose the air freshing quality that live plants give to your home. Some live plants will bloom, which adds to their pleasant ability to provide constant change in a room too. In the winter most plants will need to be placed in a sunny window, or somewhere they will receive adequate light during the shorter days. Read a practical book on how to care for live plants as the care of them will vary.

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