Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ink Stains

Once in a while when I do laundry for our family, I find stains on the clothing. Most of them come out easily, but ink stains had me stumped. Someone suggested using hairspray to remove ink...and it worked! Now I keep a can of cheap hairspray with my other laundry cleaning products. Almost everyone uses ink pens, and sooner or later you will find that the information on removing this stain comes in handy. I even dried a white cotton dress in the dryer, not noticing the ink on it, and it still came clean with a bit of scrubbing.
I have found that the stains come out easier if I spray first on the front side of the stain, and then spray from the backside too. I have not had a problem with ruining cotton or polyester clothing by using the hairspray to clean ink stains. If you are unsure about using the hairspray; take the garment to your dry cleaner. The best way to prevent of any kind of stain in the washer or dryer is to check all of the pockets in your clothing before washing them!

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