Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Computer Mouse Pad

You can make a computer mouse pad with any picture you like on it. You can glue an 8 X 10 picture that you have onto a mouse pad that you don't want to use anymore, or glue the picture to a piece of thick cardboard. If you use the cardboard, you will have to adhere a non-stick type of material to the back to prevent the pad from sliding around while working with the computer mouse. You can purchase non-slip rolls of cabinet shelf rubber at most discount stores. It has a waffle textured look to it, and comes in different colors. You will still need to glue the sheet of cardboard between the rubber and the 8 X 10 picture. If you don't, the picture will have a dimpled look to it and the mouse will not have the smooth surface it needs to glide correctly.
These make wonderful organizational fund raising projects. Many businesses give mouse pads away. Find a business that has a stock of the mouse pads and ask them if you can have some to make a project with. Convey that you will mention them with a special notice of thanks in the local newspaper for their help with your fund raiser. This gives them free advertisement, and gets the word out concerning your organization too. Most local newspapers have community columns that you could put the thank you in too.
You could use a picture of one of the animals from the local dog shelter to raise funds for the upkeep there. Make an enlargement of a previous family reunion and use the mouse pad as a gift. Make the mouse pads to give away, or sell, for any occasion you need them for. Covering the top picture with a sheet of clear adhesive paper will make the picture last much longer, and allow for it to be cleaned if marks get on it.

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