Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Silverware Decoration

This silverware decoration can be used at any time of year. You can make it by using real silverware or plastic ware in different colors for holidays. The looks of the real silverware can be changed seasonally by changing bows on it to different colors.

To make the decorative piece you will need one each of a knife, fork and spoon. Using a super bond glue instead of hot glue will assure the pieces stay together over a long time period. Lay the knife with the business end up at a two o'clock position. Next, lay the fork crosswise of the knife in an eleven o'clock position. Lastly, lay the spoon on top of them with the bowl pointing upward. All of the pieces should now be laying with the handle parts touching. Note where they meet with each other, and pick them up to put a dot of glue in that place on back of the spoon, and the back of the fork. Now place them together again in the same position as when they were first laid on top of each other. After applying the glue, you may need to hold the pieces together and blow air on the spot where the glue is to get it to dry a little to adhere. Then do the same to the first two pieces and the knife.

When dry enough to hold together, tie a ten inch length of ribbon into a bow at the front point of the handles where they all meet. Cut an eight inch length of fishing line. Tie it in a knot onto the spoon at the point where the handle and bowl meet. Turn the knot to the back of the spoon. Now tie the two pieces of fishing line together very near the ends to use as a hanger for the decoration.

You can also add tiny flowers or other decorative pieces to the center of the ribbon bow to enhance the silverware decoration. You can now hang your piece in a kitchen or dining area, or hang from ceilings in restaurants for a season. I have even used green plastic ware with yellow bows to hang on the bottom of a John Deer Christmas tree in a country restaurant. They looked great!

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