Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas Card List

A recipe file box makes a handy box to keep your updated Christmas Card List in. You can see at a moment the information you need. Writing in pencil will keep the cards neat when information must be changed. On each card include the complete names of all the people in each family, birth dates behind each name, complete address, phone numbers (land line and cell numbers) and email addresses. Keep the box in a handy place throughout the year so you can make changes in both the card list file and and your address book when needed. Getting in this habit will save much time later, instead of trying to find a slip of paper you copied the change down on, or the envelope or letter the person sent you in the middle of the year.

I purchase a package of alphabetized index cards for each file of any kind I have. When making changes, turning the next card on its end directly behind the one you need to make a change on through the year will save time too, by returning the card you were working on in front and flipping the card behind back down. If you are not sure if an address has changed since last year, copy the one on the envelope the Christmas card came in onto the backside of the card for later.

Leave a space of about 1/4 inch below the names and addresses on the file card, and start keeping the year you sent and received Christmas cards from each family. I use the following method for this:
John 3/28, Mary 7/12 Doe
33 Joy Lane, Any Town, USA 11111, (111)111-1111, email


You can use a star or check mark to know you sent a card before the year date. When you receive a card back, you can put another star or check mark behind the year date. You may want to put an L or P behind the year date if the person sent a family Christmas letter, or Christmas photo, in with their card for that year. We attach all of the Christmas cards sent to us each year along the edges of our families living room doors to add a decorative touch for the season, and to let those who come to visit during the holidays know we appreciated their correspondence. When you take the cards down after Christmas, put a rubber band around them, and put them in a safe place for later. When you are bored with being house-bound during the winter, pull the cards and your file box back out, put stars or check marks behind the year they were sent, and look on the back of each card to see if there was a change of address. If the address has changed, now would be a great time to drop a note to that person asking them for their new phone numbers, and maybe a change in their email address. If a person in a family has passed away, I draw a circle around that person's name. Doing this will remind me not to include their name on next year's card.

This may seem like a lot to do about nothing, but a time will come when you want to get in touch with a family member, friend or acquaintance; and pulling your updated file box out will be much easier than playing seek and find through a phone book, or numerous phone calls to others to find the needed information.

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