Monday, November 12, 2007

Branch Christmas Tree

This branch Christmas tree can be used throughout the year for all the other holidays. Find a strong, sturdy branch with many tines. Paint it green or white all over. Put the branch into a small coffee can filled with pebbles. You may want to paint enough pebbles whatever color you like to be on the top layer to enhance the tree. You can also put seasonal colored tissue around the can to decorate it.

Miniature decorations can be purchased at most discount stores to hang on the branches of the tree. In the kitchen you can use fruit flavored cereal to decorate the tree. This works well on a patio table outside of a large window if you want to give the birds a Christmas gift too. Very small scissors, spools of thread, needle threaders, bobbins and thimbles can be used to decorate a tree for your sewing table. Use a tape measure for a garland to put on the tree.

Tie crayons, erasers, protractors, scissors and such on a tree for a school room. Now that you get the idea of things to use on trees, come up with your own themes for the ones you want to have throughout your home this year. This makes a great project for younger children to do during the holidays too.

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