Friday, November 16, 2007

C D decorations

Instead of throwing CDs in the trash when they are no longer useful, make decorations and other things with them. Before throwing anything away, always think of other purposes it could be used for. You will save money by finding other uses for many of the things we throw away each day.

The shiny sides of CDs are great painting surfaces. You can paint scenes on them, or a single thing such as a snowman. You can use the hole in the middle to hang them on a small pin or nail in your home, or attach a length of fishing string through the hole to hang it with on the limb of a tree.They will sparkle if hung by themselves on large trees. The shiny sides of the CD will reflect any light from street lights, vehicle headlights, or other decorative tree lights around them. If the CD has preprinted pictures or writing on one side, simply spread glue on that side, and sprinkle glitter over it. Now the CD will reflect light on both sides! These are very attractive at night reflecting lights of all types that hit them.

The CDs make money saving decorations for large city and town Christmas trees. It could become a year-long project for an organization in your town. Paint the CDs and sell them for funding projects. Small children could dab colored dots on the shiny side, and older ones could add glitter to the other side for large tree decorations in their own front yards.

The CDs can also be used as reflectors on fence posts along your road, or on each side of your driveway to mark it for better access at night. Think a while longer, and you will come up with many ideas of your own to use the CDs for!

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