Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Coloring Pages For Children

Spend the day making coloring pages for your child to put in a binder. They can come back to their creation when a rainy day keeps them from playing outside, or when they need an activity to use while on a long car trip. Have them trace pictures, or draw some from their own imagination. Use a three-hole puncher to place the pages in a looseleaf binder. Most binders come with a slit pouch on the inside front cover. Put a small pack of crayons in the pouch to keep handy with the coloring pages.

Use another binder to keep their 'special' pictures in. Parents can use this binder for a special place to keep all of their noteworthy school work through the years along with their best coloring pages. You can purchase clear pocket pages to keep items in that can not be hole-punched for the binder. Binders come in all sizes. If you have a very creative child, the binders come in four and five inch thick varieties at office supply stores.

Making these special coloring pages will allow you and your child to spend time together. It will also give them a project to use when they can't play outside, or need some quiet time for themselves.

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