Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aluminum Foil Creations

Aluminum foil creations can keep children busy and be a novice way to share family time together too. You will need to make some simple paper patterns for children to go by for the shapes of stars, balls, buildings, etc. Give the children a sheet of aluminum foil big enough to complete their creation, and then let them get started. You may want to guide younger children, or make a model of what you want them to create.

They could spray paint their model with an adult's help. Let them choose the colors, and don't be afraid to allow them to use several different hues themselves to make the project their one of a kind image.

Hanging the creation with string would allow it to be displayed for the whole family to enjoy. Make a mobile by hanging several objects together on a hanger, dowel sticks or small tree branches. Have children make a display of the planets for a science fair, or several items they can give as gifts to friends or relatives. Remember to keep used foil for recycling.

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